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3.79sRelax, Marge. I'd never turn a gun on a human being.
2.13sMy husband, on the other hand.
2.22sCome on. You try it. No. I couldn't.
2.89sYeah. Just breathe slowly and squeeze the--
1.37sI hit it! I hit it!
5.44sMy cans. My precious, antique cans. Aw, look what you done to 'em.
3.19sWell, it's getting late. Maybe we should call it a night.
3.2sIt's only midnight. Come on. I know a place.
3.94sBeautiful, huh?
2.74sHomer and I used to come up here on dates.
3sHomer, stop that. It's just a weather station.
4sCome on, Marge. It's fun to smash things.