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3.79sMarge, that's twice. I think you're spending entirely too much time with this woman.
4sHomer, please. You know it's hard for me to make friends.
3.25sOh, Marge, we should do this every Thursday.
1.9sMarge, I got sprayed by this skunk.
2.47sOh, look. It's doing it again.
4.42sMarge, you can't go out on Saturday. That's our special night.
4sWhat's so special about it? What's so-- Oh, I don't know.
4.74sA little show called Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?
2.33sWhere're you going? I don't know.
1.84sWhen will you be home? I'm not sure.
2.04sWhere're you going? You already asked me that.
2.9sWill you bring me back something?
2.14sDon't wait up.
4.49sHow can you do this, Marge? How can you desert your children?