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4.3sUh-- wha-- no. This can't be what it looks like.
2.27sThere's gotta be some other explanation.
3.2sI wish there was some other explanation for this.
3.97sBut there isn't. I'm a murderer. I'm a murderer!
2.87sThen that's not the real Ned Flanders.
3.02sI'm a mur-diddly-urgler!
2.94sIf that's not Flanders, he's done his homework.
2.22sDaddy, where's Mommy? We miss her.
3.14sMommy had to go away. She's with God now.
2.77sYea! Can we go there too?
2.7sSoon enough. Yea!
3.44sHe's gonna kill Rod and Todd too!