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3.9sOh, fine. You just lost your cut.
2.37sI'll just take that.
3.7sEveryone, turn around and look at this.
2.55sWhat is it? A Unitarian?
2.67sNow, just relax. For once, you didn't do anything wrong.
2.67sjust explain yourself and everyone will understand.
0.45sTook the money? Yes, we know.
3.25s- He confessed! - Okay!
3.37sHuh! Stop him! He's headed for the window!
4.65sSon, if you can look me in the eye and say you didn't take the collection money,
3.29sthat's all I need. I didn't take it.
3.02sWhy, you little-- How can you look me in the eye and lie like that?
2.32sHomer, stop that! I believe him.
4.24sTell me, if he didn't take the money, why is he wearing those fancy clothes?