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3.8sAll right, Bart. The Bible does teach forgiveness.
1.65sClass, I want you to welcome back our prodigal son.
3.14sWhat's "prodigal" mean? Oh, dear.
2.47sYou know, the great thing about Sunday school...
4.77sis we're finally learning something we can use. Yeah, so true.
4.47sI have to turn my chair this way now.
3.05sSomehow I gotta convince her I'm a good person.
4.27sAll right. I have to sit here and behave, no matter what.
7.61sOkay, class. We have a special treat today for pass-around: a replica of the slingshot David used to slay Goliath.
3.9sWhile you kids are looking at that, I'll just busy myself in this file cabinet.