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1.53s(IMITATING MARGE) I'm Marge Simpson,
2.87sand even I'm against "Families Come First."
3.12sNow it's time to do some coke off the blade of a knife.
2.23sThat ad makes me look like a criminal!
1.2sThen why did you appear in it?
1.33sThat wasn't me!
3.17sMaybe she was you and you're not!
1.38sHow many kids do we have?
1.23sWrong, lady!
1.64sOh, wait. The baby.
1.77sMARGE: I try my best.
1.62sThey ridicule me.
2.6sThey mock everything I cherish.
2.22sHoney, this marriage is a partnership.
2.3sWhen you fall, I pick you up.
2.53sAnd when you can't finish a sandwich,
2.34sI eat that sandwich.
1.7sYou're my rock, Homie.
4.54sAnd I promise this rock is gonna weigh you down for the rest of your life.