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1.37sNot anymore.
5.04sANNOUNCER 1 ON TV: Malibu Stacey wants a craft room and Malibu Ken needs a closet for all his beach thongs.
5.44sThey'll get help from designer Jeremy on, Dollhouse Do-Overs.
4.9sWe'll also show you how to turn a shoebox into a you-box.
2.85sOh, I missed the feeding frenzy. I hope you're happy.
1.53sObviously, yes.
2.7sMAN ON TV: Bobby, I got propane in my urethra.
3.79sANNOUNCER 2 ON TV: We'll be right back with Who Will Marry a Million Bears!
5.09sI like ice cream I like ice cream How about you?
3.15sLook, Maggie! A show for babies!