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1.92sI have no sister city!
2.54sThe babies' damage exceeds $1 million.
2.5sWhich will now be sucked out of your pockets.
2.55sMAN: My loose change!
4.7sLet me now introduce a woman who wants to make sure that what I just did never happens again.
2.29sGood evening. I'm Lindsay Naegle.
2.62sAnd I am the founder of SSCCATAGAPP.
4.59sSingles Seniors Childless Couples and Teens and Gays against Parasitic Parents.
1.2sCatchy name.
4.72s(CLAMORING) We're tired of picking up the bills for other people's kids.
3.1sWe already pay millions every year in school taxes.
1.68sCROWD: Yeah!
2.44sExcuse me, everyone. I'm a mother.