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3.47sBut newspaper writers are a bunch of jerks.
3.12sWho really opposes "Families Come First?"
3.34sMany childless advocates are like Ben Affleck.
6.19sFamous, successful people from out of state!
3.19sThey live in fancy houses in other places.
5.09s"Families Come First" is supported by life-long Springfieldians you know and trust.
2.15sLike me, Milhouse's dad,
2.3sBumblebee Man, Surly Duff,
4.17sand that jerk that goes, "Yes!"
5.7sFor more information, visit our Web site,
1.33sWe're not affiliated.
1.77sWe're just piggy-backing on their message board.
2.43sI am Rudy Giuliani.
2.67sDo as I command you.
2.2sI am Rudy Giuliani.
3.45sDo as I command you.