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1.93sSingle women of Springfield,
3.54syour prayers have been "Flanswered".
2.13sNed Flanswered, that is.
0.45sIs this a dating video?
4.22sWhat would you say about a man who owns his own house and his own car?
3.34sThat's Ned Flanders!
2.79sA man who's not afraid to cry.
1.7sHey, Ned!
3.49sSo that's why you maced me. Yeah.
1.93sNed does everything with class.
2.35sWhether he's punching in his A.T.M. code...
2.65sor keeping clean in the shower.
2.43sHomer! But don't take my word for it.
2.3sListen to this testimonial.
3.1sOh, I would date Ned in a second if I was a woman or gay.
3.04sHe looks like a cuddler, that Ned. I-i like that.
2.74sI like to be held. I like to be pampered.
3.47sSo, if you're tired of dating the same old losers-- What are you doing, Homer?
1.25sstep up to the best.
4.3sNed Flanders, the man with the chest.