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4.17sShe didn't grab our attention with memorable catchphrases...
2.17sOr comical accents.
1.3sAye. Yarr.
2.64sOh, glavin! Why, glavin?
5.64sBut, whether you noticed her or not, Maude was always there.
2.6sAnd we thought she always would be.
2.45sMy friends, life is about change.
3.5sjust yesterday, Apu was a lonely bachelor.
3.19sYes, thank God those days are over.
3.89sAnd the Van Houtens were enjoying a storybook marriage.
2.6sYeah. Lots of storybooks have witches.
1.83s- Shut up, Kirk! - Sorry.
3.15sAnd now, the good people at Fan-demonium, as part of a generous settlement,
2.54swill fire a 21 T-shirt salute.