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3.32sHamster Number One has been infected with a staphylococci virus.
2.3sHamster Number Two is the control hamster.
1.95sHi, little control hamster.
3.7sI wouldn't get too attached. We're dissecting him next week.
1.9sDiscover your desks, people.
2.45sNow let's all welcome the newest member...
2.69sof our collective experience, Bart Simpson.
2.27sAnd now we can continue our debate from yesterday.
2.12sWhen we left off, Calvin and Tanya were arguing...
2.07sthat free will is an illusion.
2.82sIf you ask me, humankind has freedom,
2.75sa freedom fraught with paradoxes.
2.27sFreud shows how childhood shapes our subconscious mind,
2.12sbut this helps us to think for ourselves.
1.93sVery good, ian.
4.4sDoes anyone else have an example of a paradox ?
3.1sWithout law and order, man has no freedom.
2.75sIf you want peace, you must prepare for war.
1.94sMm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
2.07sWell, it seems the smartest child in the class...
1.9sis also the quietest.
2.4sBart, what other paradoxes affect our lives ?