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2.52sAnd take your whore daughter with you!
1.02sHow did it go, Dad?
1.18sVery well, Meg.
2.1sMy recollection is that it went extremely well.
2.65sReally? Oh, my God, Dad, that's fantastic!
1.7sSo I can see Eli again?
1.17sEZEKIEL: Griffins!
1.53sWhat's going on here?
3.35sYour family must leave our community and return to the outside world.
2.57sDad, what's happening? I thought you talked to him.
2.67sSir, please, whatever your quarrel is with my husband,
1.8sI'm sure it's probably justified,
1.27sbut I'm begging you,
1.67sdon't punish the children for it.
1.57sThey're innocent in all this.
0.88sInnocent, are they?
2.45sI found this in Eli's corn hole!
1.43sWell, I... His what?
2.8sA compartment in Eli's room where he stores his corn.
2.23sOh. Well, okay, whatever you say.
3.04sLook, Ezekiel, we would love to go back to the city, believe me.
1.63sI haven't had a drink in three days.
3.34sBut our car broke down. We can't go anywhere until it gets fixed.
2.67sI have arranged to have that taken care of.