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1.6sI'm not good with confrontation.
2.6sLike when I got stuck behind that giraffe at the ballgame.
3.03sYeah! Nice hit! Frozen rope! Awesome!
2.8sWhat just happened? Ground rule double! Whoo!
1.9sI couldn't even see it. Yeah, it was something.
2sDucks on a pond! Let's bring 'em in!
1.07sCould you please sit down?
1.94sI am sitting down. You sit up.
2.1sI am sitting up, but I still can't see a thing.
2.9sYeah, sounds like a "you" problem. Let's go, Sox!
3.15sBefore we commence with Samuel Fisher's barn raising,
1.67slet us pray.
1.28sDear Amish Lord,
3.27sthou looketh sternly down upon us thine flock,
2.4seven though we did not do anything wrong,
3.07sand have been doing chores like fucking crazy.
3.1sPlease make us humble and deliver us more hardship,