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1.48sOh, come on, Lois, it'll be awesome.
2.92sIt simulates all the fun of, um...
4.4sWhat was it now? It was like a tall guy in a black hat and a cape or something?
2.49sYeah, yeah. And there was the guy with the mask who wore a mask.
1.5sAnd one guy had an umbrella.
2sYeah, and I believe he opened it at one point.
1.4sYeah, and it wasn't overly long.
2.94sYeah, not overly long.
2.13sSorry, sir, there's a weight limit on this coaster.
1.32sOh, really, what's the limit?
2.85sThe rule is you can't look hilarious on this motor scooter.
3.4s(LAUGHS) I'm sorry, there's just no way.
1.97sBig news out of Six Flags Columbus today,
4.04sas they unveil what promises to be the largest roller coaster in the United States.
2.1sThat's right, Joyce. They call it The Holocaust.
2.44sThe ride has several Jewish groups up in arms,
5.67sas they go over the first rise. (LAUGHS) (STUTTERS) No, I'm kidding. They're actually pretty upset.