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2.05sI'm sorry, sir. You're too fat to ride the coaster.
1.37sOh, darn it.
4.2sYeah, why don't you go back to your pond, hippo? (LAUGHS) How about me, sir?
1.6sAm I too fat to ride?
3.24sNo, you don't seem to be. (LAUGHS EXCITEDLY)
1.33sWell, you got to hand it to him.
1.97sHe had a dream and he made it happen.
1.43sThat's what the Wright brothers did.
2.45sSo, how's your boyfriend, Orville, doing?
1.74sEx-boyfriend, if you don't mind.
1.57sAnd who cares?
4.82sHe's probably off in a barn somewhere working on a contraption - with that weird brother of his. Ew.
3.29s(BOTH GIGGLING) ORVILLE: Ha-ha! Bitch.
1.8sYou're so pretty. I miss you.