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4.1sI want you to resist the urge to levitate off the ground and float towards the pie.
2.47sDoesn't seem too hard. All right, go stand over there.
2.37s(LAUGHS) No, you don't.
2.44sNo, no, you can't go in there.
2.47sNo, no, stay out of there. That's my special area!
4.29s(SCREAMS) No! Stop! I'm saying no!
2.22sI'm saying no!
2.37sWhat kind of pie is this?
2.53sPeter, it's making me watch!
4.7sPeter, I don't understand why we have to drive all the way to Ohio to ride a stupid roller coaster.
1.72sYeah, besides, they're still not going to let you on.
1.6sYou haven't actually lost any weight.
3.04sOh, I think my lithe figure would suggest otherwise.
2.37sA girdle is not a substitute for weight loss, Peter.
2.84sHey, I'm riding that roller coaster, and that's all there is to it.
2.83sNow let's get out of here. This thing's squishing my organs around.