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1.52sGod in heaven.
1.07sYou are right.
2.77sI am deeply ashamed.
1.97sI only wanted to protect you.
1.89sI know you did, Father.
2.64sPETER: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
3.52s(SIGHS) Son, it is your life to live.
2.6sI must accept the life you choose.
2.08sI choose to stay here.
1.5sWhat? What?
3.97sMeg, you are the most beautiful woman I will ever know.
5.34sYou have shown me so many wondrous things that have opened my eyes to the world beyond my home.
2.3sBut this is where I belong.
2.14sI'm sorry if this upsets you, Meg.
1.92sI love you, Eli.
2.42sI'll always love you.
2.34sIf this is what you have to do, then,
2.05sall I can say is...
1.6sI'll never forget you.
3.65s(SIGHS) I am sorry there has been conflict between us.