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1.67sIt stinks in here.
1.82sOh, no, does it stink 'cause I farted?
1.9s'Cause sometimes I can suck them back up.
2.75sI think we can make up some of these losses in the third quarter.
3.17s(SUCKS AIR BACK) What was that? What was what?
3.3sNothing. I thought I smelled a fart, but now I don't.
1.53sThey're really pissed at me, aren't they?
2.17sOh, look who's starting to get it.
2.27sPeter, they heard you say you hate being around them.
2.13sThey know you have no interest in getting to know them.
1.77sI mean, how would you feel?
2.15sWell, right now I feel like a jerk.
1.87sPeter, if you really do care about your kids,
2.64syou're gonna have to earn back their respect and affection.
1sHow do I do that?
3.7sYou gotta spend time with them and make their interests your interests.
3.47s(SIGHS) I guess you're right, Lois. I'm always screwing up.
2.07sLike that time with Jason Mraz.
2.1sOh, my God! You're Jason Mraz!
1.93sNo, I'm not. I'm just some guy with a hat.