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2.34sWell, I'm off to serve food at the soup kitchen.
3.37sNow that I lived through this, I have to keep a promise I made to someone.
1.27sSTEWIE: It's God!
1.42sPeter, what did you mean?
1.7s(SIGHS) All right. You want the truth?
1.47sThey bore the hell out of me, Lois.
1.37sBore the hell out of you?
1sThey're your kids!
1sI know, and I love them.
6.27sBut don't you just sometimes wish they'd run away or get kidnapped and be made to work in a Temple of Doom?
1.8sHow can you even say that?
3.7sBecause, Lois. Meg tells a story that makes you wanna blow your brains out, Stewie just sits there,
3.47sand Chris is always leaving his Russian mice around. Get out of here!
4.72sOkay, okay, you don't have to yell. Let us go find das vaginya.
2.05sListen to you! You don't know your own kids.
3sThat's the problem. It's not them, it's you.
1.55sMe? Yes, you!