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5.04sMr. Hawking, what does the discovery of this black hole mean to you and your research?
1.5s(THROUGH SYNTHESIZER) I am overjoyed.
3.67sThis is the crowning achievement of my career.
3.4sIt validates the work of a lifetime.
3.07sIt certainly does. Back to you, Tom.
1.27sMAN: All right. We're clear.
1.83sI'm telling you, man, this shtick is getting so old.
1.3sThat chair smells, dude.
1.5sMAN: Hey, Steve, surf's up!
2.24sBitching! See you, Ching-Chong.
1.67sEveryone, guess what.
2.5sI have been selected.
1.23sFor what?
2.7sOh, nothing too important. Just jury duty!
1.62sThey have summoned me.
5.84sI am part of an elite group of individuals deemed intelligent enough to decide the fate of a fellow citizen.