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4.14sPeter, jury duty is an important cornerstone in our democratic society.
1.97sYeah, that's what separates us from the monkeys.
2.2sThat, and the armed guards at the zoo.
2.47sMan, they got some sexy monkeys down there.
2.1sI don't care. Jury duty sounds boring.
1.37sI'm gonna get myself kicked out.
2.07sJust like I got kicked out of Coldplay.
1.77sGuys, guys, I got an idea.
3.37sHow about we do a song that's not whiny bullshit?
1.32sAll right, ladies and gentlemen.
5sWe're gonna ask you a series of questions to determine whether or not you can be impartial jurors.
4.59sFirst off, do any of you have any prejudices you feel the court should know of?
1.78sYes, you sir. Ants.
1.4s- I hate ants. - What?
1.97sThat's right. You heard me. I'm an ant-hater.
2.4sJust like my daddy, and his daddy before him.