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2.5sNow, which one do I press to shoot now?
1.9sPETER: Damn it! Crap.
1.83sPLAYER 1: Who's the douchebag who keeps dying?
2.2sPETER: I'm not a douchebag. I'm new.
1.2sPLAYER 2: Look, if you're no good,
1.48swhy don't you just go hide till the end?
2.05sAll right, I'll go crouch behind the...
1.83sIs this a crouch button?
1.6s(GROANS) Who dropped a grenade? PLAYER 3: Idiot!
1.57sPLAYER 4: Learn how to play! PLAYER 5: Moron!
0.92sPLAYER 6: You suck!