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1.07sThat feels better.
1.74sYou sure that stuff is okay?
2.64sAll I know is, the guys who made it are dead.
2.72sWhy is there no hole in this wall?
2.03sYou know, this thing is bugging me.
1.82sAll right, I'm gonna take a hike.
2.7sSo, you gonna introduce me to your pals?
3.35sThat's Trap Jaw, that's Optimus Prime, that's Destro,
1.3sand that's a Care Bear.
1.4sYou having a tea party?
1.99sNo, we're working out a land deal.
10.01sTrap Jaw is trying to get a variance to build an unpermitted structure within ten feet of Optimus Prime's property line. Destro is the city councilman who's telling Trap Jaw that he has to file it as an accessory structure,
2.5sand even then, it can only be built at the rear of the lot.
2sAnd the Care Bear is just a Care Bear.
2.35sI am so fucking ready...