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6.29sActually, your aunt is marrying a very lucky woman.
3.12sI thought you said Aunt Patty was just waiting for the right man.
3.57sAs opposed to you, who grabbed the first blimp that floated by.
3.24sCorrection. The first blimp who got her pregnant.
1.73sSeriously, Dad, I'm worried.
1.57sYou should go on a diet.
1.22sWhy, you little...
3.7s(CHOKING) (DOORBELL RINGING) Save my place.
1.82sWhy you little... (CHOKING)
3.02sThis is my fiancee, Veronica.
1.48sIt's a pleasure to meet you all.
2.54sSo, Veronica, what do you do?
2.65sI'm a pro golfer. No surprises there.
2.02sAunt Patty, where did you two meet?
2.64sAlternative book store? Ethiopian restaurant?
4.17sIt was so romantic, like a scene from a Hollywood movie.