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3.99sBut Veronica's a girl's name. Did you know that?
2.12sI'm marrying a woman.
2.27sI'm... I'm gay.
3.27s(GASPS SOFTLY) You're not disappointed, are you?
7.01sOh, no. No, no. No, I'm just surprised. (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Yeah, big surprise.
4.04sHey, Marge, here's another bomb. I like beer.
4.3sSo, Patty, you're a woman who likes women.
4.05sI guess that fear I always had of you stealing Homer away is unfounded.
9.46s(BOTH SPITTING) Marge, I'd be a lot more worried about me leaving you for a sausage patty than your sister, Patty. (LAUGHS) (SCREAMS) Next time it'll be your eye.
2.64sMarge, did you really think I was straight?