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3.24sstay out of Texas, as long as you both are gay?
1.34sI do.
3.89sIt brings me great joy to unite two such loving people.
2.13sPhoto mouse pads for sale out back.
3.07sOkay, what's next, Adam and Steve or Madam and Eve?
2.23sHomie, you married every gay couple in town.
1.9sEh, what can I say? I love love.
2.87sWell, all you can do now is wait for some other guys to turn.
2.52sHmm, where's Lenny and Carl?
1.4sDon't you push them!
1.93sThey've got to work that out for themselves.
4.57sOh. But I'm only $200 short of $14,800!
3.4sWell, what about people of the opposite sex who want to get married?
1.7sOpposite? Yuck.
2.27sI mean a man and a woman.
3.35sHmm. Well, maybe marriage isn't just for gays.