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6.96sI cannot marry two people of the same sex any more than I can put a hamburger on a hot dog bun.
3.6sNow, go back to working behind the scenes in every facet of entertainment.
1.9s- Excuse me, Reverend. - Yes?
2.1sAs long as two people love each other,
4.47sI don't think God cares whether they both have the same hoo-hoo or ha-ha.
4.2sThe Bible forbids same-sex relations.
1.32sWhich book?
1.8sWhich book? The Bible!
8.76sBut, Reverend, (CHURCH BELL TOLLING) scriptural scholars disagree on the significance of depictions of marriage in Old Testament's descriptions.
5.32sJesus' teachings stress inclusiveness and compassion.