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2.17sHow to Make Love to Steve Allen,
2.8sfrom the author of Happiness is a Naked Steve Allen,
1.52sjourney to the Center of Steve Allen,
3.1sand The joy of Cooking Steve Allen.
3.79sI cut my first and only album, Sax on the Beach.
5.76sBut then I spent all my money on my $1,500-a-day habit.
2.7sI'd like another Faberge egg, please.
1.97sSir, don't you think you've had enough?
1.9sI'll tell you when I've had enough!
2.2sWhen was the last time you worked?
3.07sIn '86, when I did a guest shot on The Cosby Show.
3.54sHey, kids, meet Grandpa Murphy!
2.15sBut we have three grandpas already.
2.69sThis one's a great jazz musician!
1.72sOh, they all are!
2.47sOh! You see, the kids,