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2.55sLunch Lady Doris! Why are you here?
3.87sBudget cuts. They've even got Groundskeeper Willie teaching French.
4.34sBonjour, you cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys.
2.52sLook, my stomach really hurts.
3.95sAll I can give you are these chewable Prozac for kids. Your choice--
3.55sManic-depressive Mouse or the Bluebird of Unhappiness.
1.95sSuperintendent Chalmers, I'd like you to meet...
1.93sour new school nurse, Lunch Lady Doris.
3.34sYeah, nice to see you. Seymour, why is that student lying unconscious on the floor?
2.47sWell, in many cases, the floor is the best--
2.65sOh, look! Here comes Lumpy, the school snake.
1.94sHelp! Help!
2.02sOh, Lord.