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4.65sIt's formulated to rinse clean with no oily deposits.
1.17sHot dog.
1.67sAnd mild enough to use daily.
2.1sIsn't life grand?
1.03sWhat's wrong, sir?
1.95sDid I get some in your eyes?
3.24sThe shampoo specifically said, "No more tears."
3.97sA lovely promise but one beyond the powers of a mere shampoo.
2.3sThere's something you're not telling me.
2.75sPerhaps you'd talk to Snappy the alligator?
0.88sHello, Mr. Burns.
5.39sSnappy, it's hard to imagine but I was once a barefoot boy with cheek of tan.
6.02sI dreamed of grand slam home runs and wiping out nations with the stroke of a pen.
1.85sThere's still time for that.