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1.87sThose Germans can't fire me.
2.33sI'm the only one who can unjam the rod dissociator.
1.1sThey can't fire me.
2.94sI run the gaseous contaminant particularifier.
1.53sThey can't fire me.
2.1sGuten morgen.
0.87sI am Horst.
1.24sI'm speaking with you
2.07sbecause I am the most nonthreatening.
3.94sPerhaps I remind you of lovable Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes.
0.92sOh, yeah.
1.57sYeah, he does.
3.14sWhat is the best way to an efficient plant?
1.93s- I don't know. - Well, uh...
1.4sSearch me.
2.5sHappy workers who feel secure at their jobs--
2.6sSo let's get to know each other better.
2.07sDo we have any alcoholics among us?
0.93sUh... me.
0.93sRight here.
1.53sI'm drunk right now.
4.57sYou'll be given a six-week treatment at our drying-out facility in Hawaii,
2.03safter which you'll return at full pay.
0.49sOh, great!
2.9sHey, maybe I'll marry Elizabeth Taylor.
0.95sLucky drunks.