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1.5sDesperate, eh?
3.45sAdvantage: Burns.
1.05sThis is my offer.
2.94sYou'll find it's most unfair, but those are the breaks.
4.89sBut this is half of what we paid you.
1.22sThat's my final offer.
1.02sTake it or leave it.
2.3sAll right, Mr. Burns, you win.
4.9sBut beware-- we Germans aren't all smiles und sunshine.
2.97sOoh, the Germans are mad at me.
1.1sI'm so scared.
1.8sOoh, the Germans!
0.33sStop it.
1.17sStop that.
1.75sThe Germans are coming after me.
2.2sStop the pretending you are scared game.
1.07sThey're so big...
1.63sStop it, Mr. Burns.
1.43sProtect me from the Germans!
1.13sStop it!
1.6sGet out! This is my office now!