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1.12sAm I right?
2.77sWell, I make some crank phone calls.
1.97sAw, ha-ha, that's great!
3.7sHey, would you sing that old song you used to sing for me?
2.07sMoe, for you, anything.
0.9sA blue-collar bar.
2.9sOh, Smithers, let's go slumming.
1.45sEvery Teddy bear who's been good
1.3sis sure of A treat today
1.97sthere's lots of marvelous things to eat
1.63sand wonderful games to play
2.2sbeneath the trees where nobody sees
1.43sthey'll hide and seek As long As they please
1.17stoday's the day
2.3sthe Teddy bears have their picnic.
1.58sHe's a pip, this one is.
2.39sAh, the mirthless laugh of the damned.
1.43sHold your nose, Smithers.
1.83sWe're going in.
1.23sWatch me blend in.
4.3sBarkeep, some cheap domestic beer for me and my buddy here.
3.82sI'm not your buddy, you greedy old reptile.