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1.33sPetridge Farm remembers.
1.17sOh, those were the days.
5.3sDo you remember a time when women couldn't vote and certain folk weren't allowed on golf courses?
1.67sPetridge Farm remembers.
1.87sFry, are you there?
1.77sYou haven't been to work in three days.
1.43sWhat have you been doing?
1.2sI've been sitting right here.
3.4sI picked up my life exactly where I left off a thousand years ago.
2.07sNow, if you'll excuse me?
2.95sIt's 8:00, time to get busy.
8.34sI like big butts and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny You can't just sit here in the dark listening to classical music.
3.35sI could if you hadn't turned on the lights and shut off the stereo.
2.64sFry, this isn't healthy; you're living in the past.
2.03sI'm rich. I can live whenever I want.
3.27sBut we're your friends and we live here in the year 3000.
5.71sNow, are you going to come to the squid fights with us or sit here wallowing in your prehistoric junk?
6.84sMaybe you can't understand this but I finally found what I need to be happy and it's not friends-- it's things.