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1.84sWe're taking it all back.
5.81sOh, no, my A.T.M. card-- My-My secret PIN number: 1077.
2.14sI've got nothing left.
1.08syou're Fry's relative.
2.17sDo you have any idea how he got so crazy?
1.37sUh, what?
2.82sOh, they say madness runs in our family.
1.64sSome even call me mad.
2.14sAnd why?
3.8sBecause I dared to dream of my own race of atomic monsters--
4.79sAtomic supermen with octagonal-shaped bodies that suck blood out of you--
1.17sLeela, Bender!
1.37sI missed you so much.
1.78sYou did? What happened?
1.13sI was robbed.
2.03sThey got everything, except these.
1.4sWho did?
1.63sHello, Fry.
1.38sIt's Mom.
8.32sI felt terrible when I heard about your money troubles and I thought maybe I could help out a sweet young man by buying his anchovies.