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4.1sUh, I had a nightmare I was in the year 2000 and you guys never existed.
2.84sI'm so glad I'm awake now and you're really here.
1.5sSince when do you care about us?
4.44sWe thought you only cared about cans of anchovies and stuffy old songs about the buttocks.
1.93sNo, that's not true.
3.6sThis dream brought to you by Lightspeed Briefs.
1.9sBender, Leela...
1.37sdon't leave me.
1.65sWait a minute.
1.95sHey, hey, buddy, what year is this?
2.19sUh... 3000.
1.8sYes! I'm still in the future!
1.62sLife is wonderful!
2.27sWait. What are you doing with my stuff?