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1.7sStewie, you in there?
2.03sYou think he's here?
2.14sGod! It's Cleveland and Bob Hope.
1.3sOh, well. The damage is done.
1.23sBetter get them out of here.
3.9sPerhaps I'll shackle them in the basement with a 24-hour broadcast of the DirecTV help channel.
2.3sWhat the hell? Where are we?
2.57sANNOUNCER ON TV: Getting to know your remote is easier than you might think.
4.7sThese buttons at the top control volume, channel and the power on your receiver.
2.23sTo see what else is playing, just press "guide,"
4.57sand then scroll through the onscreen menu by pushing the arrow button, or to scroll even faster,
2.44suse the channel up or channel down button.
3.7sNow you're on your way to experiencing all that DirecTV has to offer.
0.97sNow that we've learned the basics...
1.2sThis may be kind of messed up,
2.9sbut am I the only one getting a boner right now?
3.04sIs there anything that doesn't give you a boner, Glenn?
2.47sPeople who use the word "rubbish" when they mean "garbage."
1.03s- Really? - Yeah.
3.1sNot even a wiggle down there.