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1.5sOkay, that was good. That was good.
2.97sChris, I think you were a little early at the start of bar four.
1.63sI don't know, how'd that sound from your end?
1.47sSounded great out here, you want another?
1.6sNo, if that works for you, we're fine.
0.8sAll good on my end.
1.8sAll right, that's a take.
1.73sThere's no sign of them anywhere.
3.77sMeg? Chris? Brian?
2.84sThey're gone. I'm all alone.
1.97sI can do whatever I want!
6.67s(CHUCKLES) I'm going to take Brian's novel and replace every use of the word "and" with the word "fart."
2.97s"The young soldier fart his brother looked at each other,
1.07s"fart both knew that,
2.47s"with love fart truth fart courage,
3.1s"they would both emerge st-fart-ing on their feet."
3.34s(GROANS) That one didn't work.
3.7sWell, let's see what fascinating pubescent treasures Chris has got hidden away.
3.1sHustler magazine. I finally get to see what a vagina looks...