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1.97sEverybody up, we're going on vacation.
1.73sCar leaves at 6:00 a.m. sharp.
4s(SCREAMS) Fuck! You blow that fucking horn again,
4.2sI swear to God I will ram that fucking thing up your goddamn ass!
2.37sAll aboard for the Grand Canyon.
3.54s(YAWNING) I know you're tired, Stewie,
2.57sbut you can sleep all you want in the car.
1.77s(GROANS) 6:00 a.m.
3.24sI shouldn't have stayed up all night listening to Persian radio.
2.94sANNOUNCER: Hey, that was Roxette with You've Got the Look.
5.57sIt's 21:00 and still 27 centigrade out there. That's hot!
5.97sSo, if you're cruising along the left side of the road at 120 kilometers per hour in the Schechevi Desert,
1.73sturn up the decibels,