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2.27swatching the sun rise over the Sea of Japan.
1.63sIt's indescribable.
2.87sPlus, I had lots of time to masturbate, which, in space, is great,
2.57sexcept after a while it's like living in a snow globe.
3.4sPeter, instead of wasting your free gas on a series of comedic stunts,
2.2swhy don't you use it more constructively?
2.04sI mean, we could take a family vacation.
1.6sYeah, that's a great idea, Mom.
1.93sHey, maybe we can go to the island from Lost.
1.73sNo, I don't want to listen to Matthew Fox's heavy breathing.
5.6s(BREATHING HEAVILY) Kate. You don't get it. We are the island.
1.9sHand me that paper bag.
2.27sJack, that's got my poop in it.
2.5sI know, I know.
1.93sIt's got a hint of coconut in it.
1.53sAnd something else...
1.03sBut that's part of the mystery.
1.97sEverybody up, we're going on vacation.
1.73sCar leaves at 6:00 a.m. sharp.