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5.07sMommy! Daddy! Chris! Dog! Brian! They're home!
2.6sMommy! Thank God you're home!
1.97sStewie, my baby!
5.97sI promise with all my heart that I'll never say or do anything bad to you for the rest of the evening.
4.34sBy the way, I disabled the V-chip, and I watched so much porn.
2.84sSweetie, I'm so glad you're all right.
2.2sYeah. No thanks to Cleveland and Quagmire.
1.7sWonder what the hell happened to them.
4.54sBOTH: And now you're ready to enjoy the full range of exciting DirecTV programming options.
2.5sAnd remember, for answers to any questions you may have,
2.14syou can consult the onscreen help menu,
7.31sor 24-hour online assistance is available at