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1.57swe brought you some chocolates.
4.07sI can't eat those chocolates on account of my diabetes.
2.27sRemember, they had to take my foot?
1.3sLook on the bright side.
1.8sNow you get your shoes half price.
3.97s(LAUGHS) All right. Maybe I'll have one.
2.6sWelcome to McBurgertown. Can I take your order?
1.47sStewie, you've got to clean the bathroom.
1.87sNo! No! I'm not going back in there!
1.63sStewie, I'm not giving you a choice.
1.3sYou've gotta go clean that up.
2.94sNo! No! It was literally only on the floor, all right?
2sThere was no attempt to get near the toilet.
3.4sIt's like they just pressed their buttocks against the wall.
3.5sThe only part of the floor that didn't have poo on it was the part that had a baby on it.
1.5sPeter, did you get the train tickets?
1.47sActually, no, Lois.
2.17sThere was a guy inside selling shower curtain rings,