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3.15sWho wants to help poor people anyway? Nobody!
2.59sSo, anyway, can I, Mom?
1.94s- Can I take the job? - Well--
3.27sWhy not? I remember my first after-school job.
2.9sI was in a band.
3.24sHello, everybody. I'm Archie Bell, and I'm also The Drells.
4.4sWe got a new song called "Tighten Up," and this is the music you tighten up with.
4.5sHey, whatsa matter, you? You crazy kid, you chasing away my business.
0.67sBuzz off, Guiseppe.
2.92sPepe, go for the face!
2.72sHelp! Aah!
3.55sYes, Son. You can have an electric guitar...
2.33sjust like your old man.
2.27sDad, I'm asking if I can get a job.
4.77sGig, Son. When you're a musician, a job is called a gig.
0.58sWow. Being in show business is like a dream.
1.94sWe're really lucky, aren't we?