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2.09sCome on, Lisa. Say somethin' funny.
3.34sLike what? Oh, somethin' stupid like Bart would say.
2.6sBucka bucka, or woozle wozzle. Somethin' like that.
1.8sForget it, Dad. If I ever become famous,
3.94sI want it to be for something worthwhile, not because of some obnoxious fad.
3.52sObnoxious fad? Ah, don't worry, Son.
2.8sYou know, they said the same thing about Urkel.
3.02sThat little snot boy. I'd like to smack that kid!
2.07sWhat the hell are you reading books for?
1.5sI'm doing the Conan O'Brien show,
2.14sand I wanna have some intelligent stuff to talk about.
1.52sDon't forget to say, "I didn't do it."
3.35sDad, there's more to me than just a catchphrase.
0.49sHow do you figure, boy?
3.52sWatch the Conan O'Brien show. You'll see.
2.02sAll right. But after Leno, I'm all laughed out, you know.