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2.4sl-l want to show you something.
1.99sOkay, look, everybody makes fun of me for getting these,
3.09sbut you're a genius scientist. What do youthink?
3.7sSee? There's little R2-D2s where the George Washingtons should be.
5.5sYou know, Jerry, I'm not gonna tell you that these will increase in value or even hold their current value.
2.43sThe truth is, you bought them because you like them.
3.16sThey have value to you, That's what matters.
2.09sHow long are you staying?
2.06sUntil we find your Rick.
1.97sI found mine.
1.93sI found mine.
0.32sThere is no escape, my son.
2.49sWe will find our peace in the next world,
2.66sSo, what -- y-y-y-y-you're just gonna give up?
3.4sWe're giving in -- to the power of the one true Marty,
1.59sOne day, he will return.
3.83sTOGETH ER: Praise the one true Marty,
3.16sUgh. All right, Mortys, listen up,