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1.87sYou're missing my symphony.
2.73sHey, I'll take it over Mumford & Sans, Zip!
1.8sThis guy is on it!
1.99sHe's not laughing at your dumbjokes, Rick.
2.43sThat's just a random noise it makes every 10 seconds.
1.99sYou see, Rick, you're not as clever as you think you are.
1.99sl wantedyou to find me.
1.83sWe're not so different, you and l.
0.05sYeah, duh!
2.38sSee this right here, Rick?
1.99sl crunched the numbers.
2.09sI created a spectrum of all the Ricks.
2.76sI listed them out from most evil to least evil.
1.66sHere's where I am.
1.99sAnd lookit -- right here's where you are, Rick.
2.47sThis guy right here -- super-weird.
3.86sI get it. So you want me to team up with you to take down The Council of Ricks? Is that where you're going with this?
1.43s'Cause that's where I’d be going.
2.23sPlease. I think I'm doing pretty good on my own,
6.2sI'm simply gonna download the contents of your brain and then kill you.
5.4sOkay, if we add a little more titanium nitrate and just a tad of chlorified tartrate...