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1.97sJerry's hanging out with doofus Rick.
1.37sThis is perfect.
1.49sI'm not doofus Rick!
1.23sI'm Rick J19-Zeta-7!
2.37sOh, is that the timeline where everybody eats poop?
1.97sJerry, you know this guy eats poop, right?
1.63sHey, I don't eat poop!
1.99sY-You guys are always so mean to me.
2.3sI guess it's only fair to tell you now, Jerry.
1.83sI'm the worst Rick ofthem all.
1.99sAccording to who -- other versions of you?
1.3sIf I've learned one thing,
1.73sit's that before you get anywhere in life,
1.97syou got to stop listening to yourself.
1.76sWow, You really are wise, Jerry.
2.9sl-l-l guess that's why you work in advertising.
3.94sThe fact that you feel that way makes you the best Rick ofthem all.
1.9sYou don't care about me at all!
1.9sI'm no different than that jacket you've got on!
1.99sY-Y-Y-- o-or your stupid portal gun!
2.37sI'm just a tool! l-l-l'm just an object!
1.83sHey, it's your choice to take it personally, Marty,
1.66sNow, for the love of god, be quiet.
1.83sThe point ofthis is to get the drop on the guy.
1.66sYou know what, Rick? I'll tell you something!
2.59sI'm more than a human shield! Yeah, that's right. You are.
2.66sYou're a perfect, impenetrable suit of human armor, Marty,