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1.73sHappy anniversary, Dad.
1.33sOh, I get it,
2.76sRegular pancakes are already shaped like flying saucers.
3.6sMmm. l-l should be making you breakfast for putting up with me.
2.06sYou should be making us a whole restaurant.
2.09sNonsense. We couldn't be happier to have you around.
1.99sljustwish I got to see more of you.
2.83sRick Sanchez of Earth dimension C-137,
5.7syou are under arrest for crimes against alternate Ricks by the authority of the Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks.
0sHey! What the heck?!
1.83sNeutralize the Jerry.
0.02sWait! No! I'll --
1.33s- Dad! - Rick!
1.49sEverybody, relax.
1.9sIf I know these a-holes, and I am these a-holes,
3.33sthey just want to haul me to their stupid clubhouse and waste my time with a bunch of questions.
0.08sLet's get it overwith.
2.48sBring his Marty,
0sOh, man.
2.13sLeave my Morty out ofthis.
3.54sYou lost the right to have a say in these things when you refused to j-- join the council.