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3.96sWell, I mean, you do it, and you seem like a guy who really has it all together.
2.49sDude, are you -- w-- you're being a dick, right?
1.4sOh, gosh, l-l hope not.
2.47sl-l-l-l-l-l wouldn't want to offend you in any way.
1.9sYou're really a Rick?
1.99sY-- of course I am --
1.9sjust as much as my Morty's a Marty,
3.84sHey, he looks a lot like Eric Stoltz from the movie "Mask."
1.7sYou know, the one with Cher in it?
0.99sThat's right, Jerry!
3.66sHe -- he's from a reality where everyone is Eric Stoltz "Mask" people.
1.3sHe's Eric Stoltz Mask Marty,
3.27sThey assigned him to me because I never had any kids of my own,
4.4sBut if I did, boy, I'd love them if they were as smart and as successful as you are, Jerry.
1.47sHey, get a load ofthis.
1.97sJerry's hanging out with doofus Rick.
1.37sThis is perfect.
1.49sI'm not doofus Rick!
1.23sI'm Rick J19-Zeta-7!
2.37sOh, is that the timeline where everybody eats poop?
1.97sJerry, you know this guy eats poop, right?
1.63sHey, I don't eat poop!
1.99sY-You guys are always so mean to me.
2.3sI guess it's only fair to tell you now, Jerry.